Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Does Your Christmas Look Like???

Hey Guys!

I hope everyone's having a beautiful morning!  I'm about to make myself some tea, and get a little work done...

I love everything about Christmas...I really do!!!  I love the cookies, the music, the lights, the trees, and yes, even the shopping (I said everything).

But because this will be my first Christmas on a my new blog, I wanted to do something a little different.  I already know what my house looks like at Christmas time...

but I want to see yours!!!  You heard me right…I want to see the traditional, the modern, the red-and-green, the pastels…everything.  All you have to do is just send me a pic of your Christmas space (outdoor or indoor) at, and we’ll feature them on the blog!!!

I can’t wait to see your Christmas homes!!!  Have a wonderful and productive day!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2012

Hey guys!!!  I am hope everyone's day is going great so far!!!  Excited to be going for a group run tonight!!!

Usually, I’m not usually too fond of the holiday gift guides that are found in most magazines. They always have great products…Problem is they usually cost a small fortune and your first born child to purchase!!!
So I wanted to do something a little different and show you some gift ideas for the special people in your life that won’t break the bank…Everything is under $20!!!  Enjoy!!!!

For The Special Guy In Your Life:  Built NY Hoodie Camera Case

The Hoodie has an extra-hard backing to keep your guy’s camera screen safe, as well as an extra pocket for storing memory cards and batteries.  $15 at

For The Kiddos:  Monopoly Family Championship
Remember when kids used to play board games that didn't involve a screen?  Why not start up a family game night with this classic!!!

For Your Best Friend:  Natural Life Charm Necklace

Show the keeper of all your secrets (even what happened that weekend in Vegas) that you care!!!  These necklaces with colorful beads and inspirational sayings come in their own wooden keepsake boxes. $14 at

For Your Child’s Teacher:  Savannah Bee Pucker Up Pouch

Teachers talk…A lot!!!  Why not give them something they can use to combat dry smoochers year round!!!  This trio of lip treats includes regular, tinted and mint beeswax balms. $15 at

For Your Boss:  Klean Kanteen 18oz with Loop Cap Tree

Who doesn’t need to drink more water?  And if your boss is as busy as most, they would definitely appreciate these neat little water bottles!  Klean Kanteen Bottles have a large-mouth design that makes it easy to pour in ice cubes or a smoothie packed with frozen strawberries. It’s also easy to clean, and it's green!!!

The Perfect Hostess Gift:  Seven Daughters White Wine

A blend of seven grape varieties, this crisp wine brings new flavors to the dinner table.  $14.99 at

For The Cute Critter In Your Life:  Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits

They chew your shoes.  They slobber on everything.  But could you ever imagine your life without them?  These flavored dog treats are perfect for any pooch. $6 at

Don't forget that Greenhouse now offers gift certificates for anyone who needs a new look for their space!!!  Perfect for the holiday season!!!

And don’t forget your favorite blogger!!!

Have a great day, and stay warm!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Running Expo

Hi guys!!!

Wow...It felt a little weird getting up at 6:30 again this morning after such an awesome break!  And now there's a chance of snow tomorrow?  Really weird!!!  Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week!!!  I was supposed to put up Christmas decorations this weekend, but....What can I say?  I was a slacker! :)

I am so excited about my next 5k coming up on Saturday in PTC!!!  Hopefully, I'll be able to beat my time from my last race!!! 

I just wanted to post a few pics from the Atlanta Track Club Half Marathon Health and Fitness Expo held at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta on Wednesday.  I went with my running buddies, Heather and Megan.  It was really cool to see all of the new products new to the running world! 

They had so many awesome shirts...I loved all the sayings!!!

This was my favorite!!!
 I picked up some BondiBands that I've been wanting for a while now...

I also finally got a couple of car magnets...

Just curious...How do you guys keep in shape?

Enjoy the day!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Hey guys!

I would have posted a little sooner, but I could hardly get up from all the food I ate yesterday!  Wow.  I hope everyone truly had an AWESOME day yesterday!!!  It is always so nice to spend a little quality time with family and friends.  It's what makes life memorable...

We actually spent a lot of our day at the Chattahoochee Bend State Park.  It was such an awesome time just being together!

Vistitor's Center

A little pick-me-up before the trail...

I think Alyssia held that Doritos bag the entire time...

How did you guys spend your Thanksgiving???

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Business Saturday!!!

Hey folks!!! Hope everyone's having a great day so far! I'm not really up to much today...just a little Thanksgiving prep and going to the park with the kids a little later. I would love to hear what you guys are doing today!!! Defrosting turkeys? Last-minute cleaning? Gassing up for a trip to see the relatives?

I wanted to remind everyone to shop your local stores this Saturday on Small Business Saturday
(November 26)!!!

There's nothing better!

Oh! I also wanted to show everyone the bracelet I won from Belle and Grace!!!

This coming from a person who hardly EVER wins anything! :) Isn't is gorgeous!!! And I love the fact that it has a stretch banding, which means I don't have to aggravate my husband more than I already do! If you get a chance, you should definitely check out the jewelry lines on their site!

Just a thought...

Have an awesome day lovelies!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

We did it!!!

Hey guys,

It's a little chillier than I thought it would be, but I don't mind one bit.  All the more reason to snuggle up to a latte, a nice throw, and a good book (or Nook)!

We have reached the 600 mark for our page likers on Facebook!!!  And to celebrate, we are giving away a $25.00 Visa gift card!!!  Now I know it's nothing fancy...

But I figured with the holidays coming up, everyone could use a little extra cash.  And to win, we're making it simple.  All you have to do is follow our blog.

No really.  That's it.

The contest will end on December 2 (@12 midnight).  And if you're already following, you're automatically entered!!! 

I am so excited, and I can't wait to see you on the blog!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday/Christmas List

Lawd, have mercy!  I wish I could explain to you the elation (don't even know if that's a word)  that I am feeling right now.  On Friday, what started out as me simply trying to delele an old Gmail account, ending up with me accidentally DELETING, my current Google account.  Yes, that includes my blog.  Talk about crying...

And although I do thank my husband for so realistically pointing out the fact that I "might not get it back," I want to say a special thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Mimi, over at Glossy Mimi.  You don't know how much our Twitter conversation on Saturday night meant to me...

Anywho...I still can't believe that Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I have to admit the weather's kinda throwing me off a bit.  Call me crazy, but I was kinda liking the colder weather.  I guess I can chalk it up to the four years we lived in Michigan!

Those dear to me know that my favorite part of Thanksgiving is Black Friday.  There. I said it.

I was so excited last year because had finally gotten my iPad on Black Friday.  The year before it was a pair of amazing riding boots.  Don't get my wrong.  I love the visiting family and friends, the gorgeous decor, and the food is a must.  But there is just something about an amazing sale that just gets me all tingly inside! :)

So this year, I've made a Black Friday/Christmas list in hopes that my husband loved ones may read this blog.  So here we go...

1.  Red skinny jeans

 Cuteness...That's all I have to say about that.

2. Military combat boots
 I can see myself wearing these with rolled up boyfriend jeans and the perfect mustard-colored cardigan...SO me...


Got these last week...LOVE.

3.  Down feather pillows
Am I the only one who always feels like I have THE worst pillows in the entire house?  The kids, the husband, the guests, the dog...they all seem like they have better pillows than me.  For once, I would love to lay my head on soft, down pillows and drift off to sleep.  Is that too much to ask? :)

4.  Nike running shoes

I am SO excited to be running my next 5k on December 3, and me saying that I need new running shoes is a definite understatement.  Anytime your shoes get holes in them, I think that means it time to retire those bad boys to the garden area...

5.  Makeup brush set

EVERY woman needs a good makeup brush set.  I am 33, and have yet to buy one.  The excuse?  I don't have one.

6.  Nike running pants

 Come on now.  Did you really expect me to get new shoes and no new running gear???

7.  Hair products

Just because...I love my hair!!!

8.  Levi's jeans

These are my current Levi's jeans...

Need I say more?  And yes...that is a safety pin in the crotch area.  I have had these jeans since college, and that was ten some years ago.  I just can't make myself trash 'em.  It's not that I have anything against those $150 pair of jeans.  But I guess I just keep thinking that Levi's are just as good. 

Oh...And please don't forget about our contest to win a $25.00 Visa gift card!!!  All you have to do is follow the blog!!!

So tell me...What's on your list this year???

Enjoy your Monday!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bestie Love...

Hey Chicas!!!

I'm hoping everyone had an awesome weekend!!!  I got in a couple of great runs with my friend Megan on Friday and I got up early on Saturday to run in downtown Newnan.  I loved it!!!  There's nothing like running through the city you live in!!!  I was in a little pain in the ankle area on Saturday afterwards, but feeling so much better!

On Saturday, my best friend, Mela, and I headed to Atlantic Station to celebrate her birthday...We had a blast!!!  We went to Parish in Atlanta...

If you haven't been, go!  The atmosphere is amazing, the decor is simply beautiful, and the food is like nothing you've ever tasted...Promise. 

We later checked out The Loft, The Body Shop,  H&M, where I picked up these...

I get hot pretty quickly, so I love having tanks to wear under blazers.  The black and white stripe called out to me from a mile away...

And DSW, where I just couldn't leave without these...

So stinking cute...Love, love, love!!!

You ever have so much fun you forget to take pictures?  That happened.  Hence, all the words.  Anyway, here's a pic of Mela and the family. 

I had to grab it from Facebook...

Talk about a sweetheart.  We have been through A LOT together.  We actually met when I was her son's teacher in fourth grade.  That was almost four years ago, and we've been friends ever since.  The Bible talks about a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and I truly feel like I've found that in Mela. 

If you have had the priveledge of having one of those types of friends, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  My mom had one of those types of friends for almost forty years...

Just a thought...

So tell me...what do you think makes an incredible friend?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Light and Bright

Hey Guys!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their day!!! 

I am loving the bathroom that I am finishing up for a client!!!  She was adamant about not wanting anything dark and gloomy, so we rolled with it!  The space that she will have, once completed, will be light and fresh, and will look absolutely beautiful. 

I absolutely love light and bright bathrooms!!!  I'm a sucker for light walls, light floors, light cabinets!!!

So what do you think? 
Could you have a bathroom like one of these, or do you have to have a little color?

Make it a great day!!!
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