Friday, January 13, 2012

A Scott's Kinda Friday

Happy Friday folks!!! 

I was so excited to visit Scott's Antique Market today!  I think it was quite warm the last time I went.  But every time proves to be better than the last...

Bobby Boyd Designs makes jewelry from old ceiling tins...Quite lovely...

Vintage bowling balls


So many amazing artists...
Green on green on green
How cool would it be to have this collection in your own personal library?!?

Amazing sterling silver napkin rings...Imagine the possibilities.

Yes, please.


Bulletin board made from reclaimed wood frame, burlap bag, and twine?  I'm in love.

I even had the privilege of meeting the lovely Mrs. Lori May of Lori May Interiors, designer and blogger.  She is so sweet and helpful...Love her!!!  If you haven't done so already, please be sure to check out her blog here.  Uber talented.

My buy for the day...Love the look of old books.

Have you been to Scotts's?  I would love to hear your experience!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!



  1. I love the Scott's Antiques Market! It too, has been a quite a while since my last visit. I definintely need to get there in the very near future. There is so much inspiration there, not to mention the amazing finds!

  2. I agree, Rhonda! I get so many great ideas when I go...even from the displays! Thanks so much for the comment!!!

  3. Hey Kenya! I'm posting about Scott's today! So enjoyed hanging out with you the other day!

  4. Scott's is one of my favorite places!!!! Maybe you, Lori and I can meet there one day!

  5. Hey Lori...What a doll you are!!! Thanks so much for all your help and advice. Let me know when you're ready to go again!!! :)

  6. I would love that, Sherry!!! Just let me know when!!!


I'd love to hear from you!!!

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