Friday, March 2, 2012

Atlanta Trip

Happy Friday everybody!!!  Are you ready for the weekend or what?!?

I took I little trip to "Hot"lanta yesterday, and believe me, it lived up to it's name, with a high of 77!  Which only means one thing:  It's going to be scorching this summer. 

Every time I get an opportunity to visit Atlanta, I always get a little excited!  Kinda crazy, right?  But when you live in the country, there's something so enticing, so electrifying about driving into the "big city"! :) 

On this trip, I had an opportunity to visit Lewis & Sharon, a fabric store recommended by one of my favorite bloggers, Dayka Robinson.  You can check out her blog here!  This store is so amazing, and the salespeople are incredibly nice!

I absolutely adore this print!  I'm thinking about using it in an upcoming upholstery job...
So many ticking stripe fabric colors!
 I also got an opportunity to visit Jonather Adler's store.  The first thing you think of is "POC"...


Love these little bags!
How adorable is this rug???

These candles smell incredible!

Astrology pillows

And of course I couldn't head home without making a stop here...

Spring is in the air!!!

And to top off the day?  Lunch with my husband at Maggiano's!!!  I may have eaten a little too much...

So glad I didn't have to cook last night!!!
So what are your plans for the weekend?  I'd love to hear them!!!

Make it an amazing Friday everybody!!!


  1. Aw, fun! I almost missed you at L&S today too--was headed there to return some fabric samples. Glad you & your hubby had fun in the "big city", call me next time you're here with some time to kill! :)


  2. Absolutely, Dayka...Will do! And thanks again!!!

  3. Ok, this looks like a fabulous day in Atlanta. And those cushions...swoon!!

  4. It was great day, Igor! It's always fun when you can check out new stores! :)


I'd love to hear from you!!!

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