Monday, October 29, 2012

Just When You Think It's Over

For the last two years, I have searched high and low for a retail space to call my own.  A place to not only sell my wares, but a place that inspires the heart.  A place that I could consider my "home away from home." A place that I could come to remind myself how far I've come.

About a week ago, I found that place.

For those of you that have started your own business, you know how difficult rejection can be.  I've been lied to, disrespected, told "no" more times than you could imagine. Told "there's no way you can find a space that you can afford" because of course, I had very limited financial resources.

Sadly, I began to believe this.  I started to believe that maybe this wasn't going to happen.  So I started praying.  Praying for money, because I was persuaded that I couldn't be successful without money.

Around this time, I happened to have tuned into Bishop TD Jake's message one Sunday night.  The title of the message? Nothing in My Hand.  In the message, Bishop Jakes discussed how Samson killed a lion, the giant in his life, with NOTHING in his hands.  That was my defining moment.

I had it all wrong.  I started praying, "Lord, give me what I have need of."

With this being my third year decorating for Business Women of Fayette and Coweta County's O Christmas Tea, benefiting the Community Welcome House, a haven for abused women, I always make it an effort to visit the venue.  It's always held at the Veranda Bed and Breakfast in Senoia.  In the back of the house is the sweetest little barn.  

I've passed by this barn a million times.   I've decorated this barn for the event every year.  I've admired this barn for three years. 

While speaking with the owner, she mentioned that the barn was vacant and for rent.  After taking a second and third (and fourth look), immediately, my mind's wheels starting turning.  Could I really set up shop here? Would all of my treasures fit in the space? What would the rent be?  Could this really work?  "But Lord, it's a barn..."

I started talking with my amazing friend Valerie, who is a successful shop owner, about it.  She started throwing out all of these amazing ideas, as she often does.  About holding these incredible monthly sales, where I sell the things that I know people will love. And still being able to spend time with my children, which I would have a harder time doing with a "full-time" store.

Just a tip: If you're starting something new, I cannot stress enough how much you'll need that...a cheerleader (or 2 or 3) in your life. 

After talking it over with my wonderful husband, I decided to go for it.  My first barn sale will be November 30-December 2...Definitely more on that coming soon (you don't mind my shameless plug, do you? ;) )

No, it's not a 3,000 square foot space.  It's not a freshly painted store in the busiest part of town. It's a barn. And it's just what I had need of...

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